As per the latest directive from TRAI, the uploading of consent that you receive from your clients is now mandatory to send promotional and service explicit messages to them.


This comes as the next phase of the DLT implementation across India, to curb unsolicited messages.


You can have a look at the guidelines and cost for the bulk upload for each operator by following the links below: 

  1. Template Bulk Upload with Jio 
  2. Template Bulk Upload with PingConnect (Videocon) 
  3. Template Bulk Upload with Vodafone 
  4. Template Bulk Upload with BSNL  
  5. Template Bulk Upload with Airtel 
  6. Template Bulk Upload with Tata  


Please note the following IMPORTANT POINTS, applicable across all operators:

  1. Bulk Consent upload is now open for all PEs to upload their data from 18th August on all DLT Portal.
  2. The Bulk consent that is being uploaded needs to be linked to a Consent template that is already registered. So, you will need to do the consent registration prior to the upload. Find out how to register your Consent Template now.
  3. The absence of consent will cause messages to fail towards the customers, if, you are trying to send promotional or service explicit content.
  4. Please make sure the Consent being uploaded is valid and has been obtained within the last 6 months.
  5. Bulk Consent that is uploaded until 22nd August 2021, will be made live for scrubbing from 1st September 2021. Any Consent that is being uploaded post 22nd August will be made live within 15 days from the date of upload.