Yes, you can most definitely execute messages on behalf of another company, provided that the Entity registration, as well as the Template registration, is taken care of, by them itself and they provide these details as well as authorization also to execute messages on their behalf

The authorization for sending messages is done through a letter of authorization (third party message execution), which needs to be submitted by the registered company, to the company that they want to authorize for executing messages on their behalf.

For example, a school, ABC School, wants a company XYZ company to trigger the messages on behalf of the school, then ABC must do the DLT registration, along with the templates.

ABC School will then provide the DLT registered details on the letter of authorization, providing rights to XYZ company to execute messages using the school’s details shared to execute messages.

Things to remember about the Letter of Authorization – Third Party (LOA – 3P):

  1. Must be submitted by the company/business owning the Entity ID

  2. LOA – 3P should be signed by an authorized person of the company/business and should have the company/business seal

  3. It should contain details of the original company, along with DLT details:

    1. DLT Entity ID

    2. Sender ID to be used

    3. Nominated person’s details along with contact number and official email ID

  4. This document must be sent to the operator directly and must wait for an acknowledgment.

  5. Once confirmed, the authorized company can start sending messages on behalf of the authorizing company.