The DLT platform setup enables the messages that are sent to your end customers to be controlled and monitored, reducing spam and unsolicited messages.

In order to make sure that your registration experience on the DLT portal is smooth, there are few best practices to keep in mind when registering and sending messages.



  • Do use the promotional category for communications intended for sending messages with numerical senderIDs.

  • Do use transactional categories for banking and enterprises only, specifically for OTPs.

  •  Do link Service Explicit to consent templates. This is mandatory.

  • Do choose a relevant/recognizable header for the templates.

  • Do choose the correct “Type” of the message, based on the content type.

  • Do use the variable identifier {#var#} to indicate variable parameters.

  • Do use an application like Notepad or Notepad++ to avoid additional or invalid characters.

  • Do remember, the minimum length for variable parameters is 10 characters.

  • Do remember, the maximum length for variable parameters is 30 characters. 

  • Do enter the brand name in the message content, at the end of every message.

  • Do delete duplicate templates which have different numbers of {#var#} parameters, to avoid confusion and message falures.

  • Don't register the same template against multiple headers. It will get confusing for you later.

  • Don't randomly assign senderIDs to templates. Keep specific senderIDs for specific functions.

  • Don't select “Transactional” category for non-banking related message content

  • Don't enter invalid, unnecessary, or multiple variable parameters in messages.

  • Don't use double spacing in the message content. Check these on Notepad++ before submitting

  • Don't submit templates with less than 10 characters as static content.

  • Don't use special fonts or characters apart from the ones that appear on the keyboard