1. Login to Jio’s Portal as Principal Entity using your user credentials
  2. Click on "Template" and in the drop down menu, select "Consent Template Registration"
  3. On the page that loads, enter the Template Name, Brand Name, and Consent Template message and click on "Submit".
    • Examples of Template Content:

      We would like to send messages regarding marketing offers to our customers.

      We would send special offers, new product details, and recommendations.

      We need your consent to send you the best offers and updates.

  4. On clicking "Submit", another pop-up for confirmation will appear as below. Make sure the details are correct before clicking on "Submit" again.
  5. A confirmation pop-up will appear on the successful submission of the request.
  6. The newly requested consent template will be visible under the "Template" tab, by clicking on "Consent Template Details" in the drop-down and navigating to "Pending Approval" section, as shown below.
  7. To check the rejected and approved consent templates, click on the respective tabs. You can also see the consent templates that have been registered via other operator partners (If any) by clicking on "Registered with All TSP" tab.