For a principal entity, it is required to register consent template on DLT platform to acquire consent from new subscribers prior to transmission of commercial communication.


To register a consent template, a principal entity needs to follow below mentioned steps:


  1. Login to Tata DLT platform using principal entity credentials
  2. Go to Consent template -> Register consent template
  3. Provide details like consent template name, content of message and brand name
  4. Further, provide details to revoke the consent and submit
  5. Consent template registrar will validate and verify details provided by the principal Entity within 2 working days.
  6. On successful registration, the consent template registrar will action (approve/reject) on approval, register consent template ID on DLT platform
  7. The registrar function will communicate successful registration or any discrepancy in case of incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT.